Areas of Expertise


In the oil and gas industry, the 'supermajors' continue to consolidate their global positions, strengthening their businesses up and down the value chain. Continuing liberalization in the energy sectors of our global economy has created new legal frameworks, resulting in greater competition and reduced prices for both businesses and consumers.

Meanwhile, in emerging regions such as Africa, historic under-investment in assets has increased the pressure to upgrade water and waste management facilities.  Our team is involved in advising our clients in different industries throughout the world on all aspects of these developments as they affect their businesses.

Mining in Ghana has been enjoying a spectacular revival in recent years .Our firm can rightfully claim a depth of knowledge and experience of the mining sector in Ghana and Africa which pre-dates the recent cycle change and corresponding sudden interest of various advisers for mining transactions.

Sey and Co has many years been involved in a wide range of exploration programs, strategic alliances, joint ventures and high profile mergers and acquisitions in relation to many global mining and exploration firms that operate in Ghana.